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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mark your Fokus

This article talked about brainstorming and keeping an open mind about possible blog topics. In a way. brainstorming is like walking a raounf a car and imagining yourself in lots of shiny cars with no consideration to mundane details like fuel economy,budget, or vehicle size. By keeping an poen mind on the car lot you might find a car with a big markdown or discover you love a certain color you wouldn't have otherwise considered. In the end though, if you're going to buy a car, you eventually have to make a choice.

It’s the same thing with blog topics. Opening yourself up to a world of possibilities helps you see options you might otherwise overlook, yet there comes a point when you need to pick one idea and start blogging. Okay, technically, you don’t have to pick one idea. In fact, there are some six-figure bloggers out there who will tell you to pick three favorites, start a blog for each one of them, and decide after a few months which one you’d like to stick with.You can start multiple blogs at once if you want, but the thought of starting up three blogs at once makes my hair smoke.

I vote for starting one blog at a time and clearly focusing that blog on one topic. Again, there are no rules here and if you can handle multiple blog start-ups at once, I applaud you.
For now, let’s find your focus. Pull out your brainstormed list of possible blog topics (see how confident I am that you do have one?) and pick your favorites. Try to narrow your choices down to three options. If you have a tough time narrowing your choices, look for things on the list you’re:

  • really good at
  • enjoy researching
  • love to discuss

Over the next few days we’ll be working with your top choices, as well as revisiting the reasons you wanted to start a blog, to discover the blogging topic that best fits your blogging goals.

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